Aluminium forging, brass machining, chrome-plating
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Brass casting, gas ball valves
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  Pel Pintossi S.p.A.
Special products Special products
Steel fittings and connectors Steel fittings and connectors
Ball valves Ball valves
Gas cocks Gas cock
Small turned parts Small turned parts
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Brass casting    
Brass casting
Gas valves
Brass machining
Stell forging
Special product to drawing and steel fittings for hydraulic systems.
Gas cocks for ranges, Ball valves and small machined parts.
Brass and aluminium forging

Pel Pintossi Emilio S.p.A.

An international benchmark in its field, with three state-of-the-art production units and a select network of associated companies, PEL Pintossi S.p.A. has always focused on growth based on innovation and quality.
PEL Pintossi can meet the exact requirements of the most demanding customers as regards special parts made of metal alloys moulded and machined to specification, gas cocks with valves and thermostats for ranges, ball valves for all types of application, hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, small machined parts.

With forty years experience and the advantage of consolidated partnerships with leading specialists, PEL Pintossi is now the proud owner of unrivalled know-how.

Quality first and foremost
Sales by geographical area Sales by geographical area:

50% Italy
35% Europe
10% USA & Canada
5% Other Countries
Gas valves
A precise identity: Flexible technology from 1 to 1,000,000

Among the reasons behind the company's success there is the ability to adapt to an ever-changing market, to develop superior quality products and the use of cutting-edge technology.
Brass machining
In each product the entire company

The international leading position achieved by PEL Pintossi in its field comes from a systematic application of a well-coordinated method of organising and running the company.

PEL Pintossi is clearly product-oriented as the whole production process is carried out internally, allowing to work in synergy with most innovative strategic plans of the customer.
Steel forging
Integrated Automation means versatility and reliability

Always at the forefront in the industry, PEL Pintossi has developed its own engineering technology to enhance its automation potential, by applying innovative solutions in the organisation of the metal working equipment.
Special product to drawing and steel fittings for hydraulic systems
Special products and steel fittings for fluid systems.

PEL Pintossi's specific expertise and a highly qualified team of experts play a major role in helping to develop custom projects and products.

Major references in many different fields of application bear witness to the superior performance and dependability of products made by PEL Pintossi, which provide ideal solutions for the ever more pressing market challenges.
Gas cocks for ranges, Ball valves and small machined parts
Gas cocks for ranges, Ball valves and small machined parts.

Rigorous prototyping and inspection procedures enable PEL Pintossi to guarantee the total reliability of the whole range of products, which includes
gas cocks for ranges, ball valves and precision machined parts.

In a competitive market, leadership can only be achieved through tangible quality, which is the reason why numerous customers all over the world prefer PEL Pintossi.
Brass and aluminium forging
A company serving other companies

PEL Pintossi has been able to develop dynamically and proactively by providing successful solutions in many different areas of industry. Over four decades of experience in production and success in selective markets bear witness to the company's ability to satisfy the customers'expectations. The service-oriented approach is an integral part of PEL business policy.
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